Flavour is the dynamic factor in the world food market and is the keystone in the current growth of food consumerism. Our inspiration is drawn from nature and oriental tastes, combined with bespoke flavor design, a comprehensive product portfolio and impeccable product quality.

We have a passionate approach to service & customer relationships, making Boon the ideal partner for creating winning flavours.

The market for flavours is very fast moving.
Boon are ideally placed to predict the trends which influence this movement.

An ever expanding choice

Enrichment & fortification of food

Consumer trends


Global taste experiences

Naturalness, well being and
health consciousness

Media publicity

At Boon , the knowledge of our team is ‘supreme’ Our flavours, through a combination of science and creativity are signatures of customer’s products.

Scientists estimate that at least 10,000 different flavor ingredients contribute to the aroma of food. More than 4,500 of these naturally occurring ingredients are available today for use in flavourings.