Boon has a wealth of experience in developing sweet and savoury specialty flavours to the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, animal feed and pet food industries throughout Thailand and regional level. We combine our expertise of world-wide flavours and consumer taste trends with our vest technical know-how to produce some of the finest signature flavours in the world.

3 business segments covering
Macro and Micro business models



Business to Government

The flavor creation is at the heart of a flavor company. We blend both of young and experienced staff plus with experiences Professors; all enthused with a passion for creativity and innovation.

Using their intuitive knowledge & data, our team formulates successive flavor samples from the selected ingredients and evaluates the resulting creation.

When Booner is given a brief, the first task is to talk to the customer about what they need from the flavor. The creation process begins by listening, looking, discussing and advising using their expertise to seek information that will assist the design of a flavor to satisfy a market’s expectations.